What I'm thinking about Substack and Elon Musk after a messy week

Read to the end for why billionaires like Bill Gates are not like the rest of us

What I'm thinking about Substack and Elon Musk after a messy week

Hello? Can you still read this?!

I’m only kidding, but after Elon Musk cracked down on links to Substack on Twitter a few days ago, there’s definitely been some questioning as to what it will ultimately mean for this platform and the people who rely on it. I’ve seen some writers really playing up the potential implications of Musk’s decision. I’m sure it’s a good ploy to entice more of their readers to become paid subscribers.

But while I’d more than welcome you upgrading your subscription if you haven’t already, those tactics feel kind of gross to me, so I won’t be overplaying as a means to get you to open your wallet. Not to mention, it appears the decision’s been reversed and Substack links are active again — at least for now.

I do have some more thoughts on the state of Substack, and you can find those below the break, along with some further thoughts on who Elon Musk wants you to trust on Twitter. Plus, there’s some great recommended reading from the past week.

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