Roundup: Will AI really automate jobs?

Read to the end for comic about the Luddites

Roundup: Will AI really automate jobs?

Another week, another set of decisions by Elon Musk that he appears to think are going to solve Twitter’s problems, but that really set it up for further failure. This time he shifted everyone’s direct message settings so they could only get messages from their followers or Twitter Blue subscribers, then limited the number of messages non-paying subscribers can send. He says it’s to solve scamming, but really it seems to say that you can scam as much as you want as long as you pay him $8. The implosion continues!

I was hoping to have a long piece on generative AI out last week, but it got delayed because most of the week I was apartment hunting, and that simply took up far more time than expected. I think I’ve found something though — crossing my fingers! Expect to finally see that piece in the next few days though. :)

Until then, find some comments about automation in this roundup! I also have a new piece about Threads in Insider that you should be able to read here by the time this hits your inbox. (If for some reason that link doesn’t work I’ll update the web version at with the correct one.) You can check out my interview with Te Hiku Media CTO Keoni Mahelona where we spoke about the problem with big tech companies scraping Indigenous language data off the web and how Te Hiku is taking a very different approach with the Māori language in Aotearoa New Zealand.

‎Tech Won’t Save Us: Big Tech Won’t Revitalize Indigenous Languages w/ Keoni Mahelona on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Tech Won’t Save Us, Ep Big Tech Won’t Revitalize Indigenous Languages w/ Keoni Mahelona - Jul 20, 2023

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