Roundup: Twitter's rate limit has been exceeded

Read to the end for an update on the "cage match"

Roundup: Twitter's rate limit has been exceeded

After being in Alberta last week, I finally got back in the swing of thing this week with posts on Marc Andreessen’s terrible AI future and Google and Meta taking on the Canadian government. Over on , Jeremy Appel also has a recording of our conversation during the event we did in Edmonton last weekend.

For Tech Won’t Save Us, I spoke to artist and writer Molly Crabapple about what AI image generators mean for artists and why we should oppose them. It was a really fascinating conversation!

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This week’s issue is a little shorter than usual because it’s a holiday weekend here in Canada (Happy Canada Day, if you celebrate!). But there are still plenty of recommended reads, labor updates, and other stories for you to read through. I definitely recommend the pieces by Alissa Wilkinson and James Vincent! If you want the whole issue, make sure to upgrade to a paid subscription and support the work that goes into writing Disconnect!

Have a great week!


Rate limit exceeded

Business genius Elon Musk is at it once again. A day after bragging about how Twitter had all-time high “user-seconds,” the Chief Twit took to the platform yesterday to inform users he was limiting the number of posts they would be able to see to “address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation.” As Molly White pointed out back in February, this was an inevitable outcome of charging money for API access — which reportedly isn’t working very well even if you now pay $42,000 a month for it.

Screenshot: @elonmusk/Twitter