Roundup: Starlink for Gaza?

Read to the end for a cool article on the Luddites

Roundup: Starlink for Gaza?

Elon Musk is once again wading into an international situation, so I naturally have some thoughts on it in this week’s issue. Will he really make a difference, or is he just fishing for headlines again? I think you can guess which is the truth!

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Before getting into this week’s issue though, just a head’s up that the third episode of ELON MUSK UNMASKED, the special four-part series I’m putting together over on Tech Won’t Save Us, came out on Thursday. This one digs into Musk’s role at Tesla, and how he’s used his power to intervene in more transport areas with ridiculous ideas that haven’t amounted to everything.

I hope you like it, and have a great week!


PS— I’ll be in San Francisco next month for a Luddite Tribunal on November 9.