Roundup: Sam Altman's friendly DC trip and Apple's troubled headset

Read to the end for a fun poll on tech "innovation"

Roundup: Sam Altman's friendly DC trip and Apple's troubled headset

Some good news this week: We’re likely finally going to see Elizabeth Holmes behind bars in less than two weeks. She’s been ordered to report to prison on May 30 after being denied her request to stay out while she appeals her conviction. Ultimately, I think many more tech founders deserve to follow in Holmes’ footsteps — not just Sam Bankman-Fried — but this is at least a good start.

Beyond that, we have some good topics this week. I have some thoughts on Sam Altman’s Senate hearing, and quotes from a couple articles published about it, followed by comments on a new report on Apple’s forthcoming headset. Plus, as usual, a bunch of recommended reads, labor updates, and other stories you might have missed.

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Sam Altman’s friendly trip to DC

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman went before Congress this week to talk about artificial intelligence, and by all accounts it was a pretty friendly event — quite different from when TikTok’s CEO appeared two months ago. My fear with such coziness (like the White House’s recent meeting with AI CEOs) is that it suggests lawmakers have their guards down about the real threats posed by AI because they’re being sweet talked by industry figures who then get to shape regulations in their favor.