Roundup: Lock him up

Read to the end for Elon Musk being a dumbass

Roundup: Lock him up

It’s always a good day when a tech founder goes to prison — and the verdict on Sam Bankman-Fried was no different. After crashing so far and fast a year ago, the once tech wunderkind is poised to spend a long time behind bars, though we won’t know how long until next March when he’s sentenced. More on that, along with some good articles I’ve been reading on it, below.

This week I also finished the four-part series I was making on Tech Won’t Save Us about Elon Musk. Honestly, it was so much work putting the series together and I probably could have kept going for another four episodes, but I’m happy with how it came together and I hope you enjoyed it if you chose to give it a listen!

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PS— I’ll be in San Francisco later this week for a Luddite Tribunal with Brian Merchant, Veena Dubal, Wendy Liu, and some folks from Safe Street Rebel. (Remember, I interviewed them a while back!)