Roundup: How is the media still doing this?

Read to the end for an update on the road safety crisis in the US

Roundup: How is the media still doing this?
Source: Wikimedia Commons

In a week filled with bad news for Tesla, the media still managed to do plenty of Musk hagiography, showing just how little some people have learned about the mistakes that were made in covering him so uncritically for so many years. He can cause so much harm today because he was built up into such a powerful figure with the media’s help.

I’ll have more on a couple of those stories below the break, along with the usual recommended reads, labor updates (an interesting Japanese story in that section this week), and plenty of other news you might have missed.

Over on Tech Won’t Save Us, I spoke with NBC News reporter Kat Tenbarge about an incredibly important issue: how new AI tools are making it much easier to create fake explicit images not just of celebrities, but of regular people too, and the incredible harm that’s already having in high schools and beyond, especially for women.

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