Roundup: Elon meets Javier

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Roundup: Elon meets Javier
Elon Musk and Argentine president Javier Milei. Source: Twitter/@JMilei

I know I said there would be less Elon content this year, so you’ll have to forgive me for all the times he’s turned up in Disconnect over the past few weeks. Sometimes it’s easiest to use him to illustrate a broader point (like on the Mars stuff) or he’s doing things that simply can’t be ignored (like his alliance with the growing right-wing axis in global politics).

Today’s issue is picking up on that latter point because the meeting between Musk and Argentine president Javier Milei finally happened on Friday, and it was pretty wild to see how it went and some of the things that supposedly happened around it. You may have also heard that Musk is preparing for a fight with the Brazilian government over his desire to ensure Twitter/X can be a platform for the promotion of far-right politics. Expect a piece on that soon.

On the media front, I was interviewed by WOZ in Switzerland about Silicon Valley billionaires and on CBC’s St. John’s Morning Show about my home province’s decision to legalize Uber and the terrible way they’re going about it. I was also quoted in a piece in Truthout about the proposed TikTok ban.

Finally, over on Tech Won’t Save Us, Ed Ongweso Jr. and I tore into Kara Swisher’s Burn Book, how it misrepresents her legacy as a booster of Silicon Valley, and the problem of access journalism.

Have a great week!