Roundup: Apple in the DoJ’s crosshairs

Read to the end for a comic about a mindless Elon Musk

Roundup: Apple in the DoJ’s crosshairs
US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Screenshot: YouTube/Justice Department

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe Elon Musk’s interview with Don Lemon dropped less than a week ago. It feels like so much has happened since then — especially in Apple land. While I hope the interview revealed to even more people how much of a thin-skinned moron Musk is, based on the responses I saw on social media it seemed divided into two camps: the people who already know he’s an idiot seeing that in the interview and his cult pretending Lemon was the real loser somehow. The day the cult ends can’t come soon enough.

Along with the usual recommended reads, labor updates, and other news in the roundup, this week I’m giving an overview of what’s going on with the Apple antitrust case that US Department of Justice brought forward on Thursday. It won’t be resolved anytime soon, but it could have some significant ramifications in the US smartphone and app market because of the iPhone’s dominant position. If Apple’s restrictions are loosened, what could the future hold?

Before we get into that, just a quick head’s up that I interviewed Jacob Silverman over on Tech Won’t Save Us this week about the proposed US TikTok ban, the issues with how lawmakers are trying to justify it, and what it tells us about how US tech policy promotes its geopolitical power. It was a fascinating chat!

Have a great week!