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I'm Paris Marx and this is Disconnect — your source for a critical perspective on what’s happening in Silicon Valley and beyond. For nearly a decade, I’ve been calling out the tech industry, its snake-oil billionaires, and the harmful realities they hide behind futures that never arrive. As their power grows, seeing through their deceptive narratives is essential.

In this newsletter, I explore the ideologies of tech’s increasing radicalized titans, the economic incentives that drive its top companies, and the movements pushing back on Silicon Valley’s power — all without the tech jargon that can leave your head spinning.

“If laissez-faire became one manifesto of capitalism, laissez-innover became the other.”
— David F. Noble

Disconnect has already dug into a wide range of important topics that have enlightened readers and kicked off important conversations. Here are some recent stories:

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About Paris

Paris speaking at re:publica in Berlin, 2023.

Paris hosts the award-winning Tech Won’t Save Us podcast and is the author of Road to Nowhere: What Silicon Valley Gets Wrong about the Future of Transportation. His work has appeared in TimeWired, Business Insider, NBC News, and CBC News, and he’s regularly interviewed by major media like the Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Washington Post.

Paris is based in Canada, far from the heart of Silicon Valley, but speaks about tech around the world. Find out more about him here.

[Paris is] part of the Luddite vanguard, and I think ultimately, we’re all better for that.
Brian Merchant, LA Times
Marx is not only a dynamic interviewer of other critics, but a vital critic in their own right.
Zachary Loeb
The left’s leading Muskologist.
Leo Hollis, Verso Books
Too cynical. Far, far too cynical.
Jason Calacanis, tech millionaire 😢